What is Nose Aesthetic Surgery? How is it done? Recommendations For Those Who Want To Have Nose Aesthetics In Izmir
Rhinoplasty surgery is one of the most specific surgeries performed in our clinic in Izmir. It is a very special application that can achieve unique aesthetic results that were previously unattainable with the new techniques that have made tremendous progress in the last decade, and for this reason, its popularity is rapidly increasing.
The nose has a unique anatomical structure that is not found in any other organ in the body in terms of its complex structure, delicacy and three-dimensionality. Unlike other cosmetic applications, this process is almost like sculpting. For this reason, rhinoplasty surgeons should have elite and highly sensitive hand skills.
Aesthetic Doctor Assoc. Since Hakan Kerem is a very meticulous surgeon who attaches extreme importance to details, it is one of his favorite applications to perform nasal aesthetic surgeries that require a detailed study and high artistic quality for the best results.