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What is a Abdominoplasty ? How is it done? Recommendations For Those Who Will Have Abdominal Stretching In Izmir
"Abdominoplasty" surgery, also known as "Abdominal Stretching", is one of the most popular applications of women who want to get rid of their excessive sagging skin and abdominal cracks after more than one birth in the world and men who have experienced excessive weight loss. You can trust us about abdominoplasty surgery in Izmir.
When the excess skin is removed, your entire abdomen, waist circumference, belly button and waist lines will be shaped, your abdomen will be flattened and the function of your abdominal muscles will improve. As a result, an additional effect is created that will enhance your breathing, usually during exercise. The most important part of abdominoplasty is to repair these muscles in order to correct the separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). Because abdominal muscles, as is often seen after multiple births, if they are separated from each other in large amounts, they cannot be effective in keeping the abdomen straight. In addition, the aesthetic correction of the cesarean scars that have not healed well during the abdominoplasty procedure provides an additional benefit to the patient.
"Abdominoplasty", "Mini-Abdominoplasty" and "Liposculpting" surgeries, using the most innovative methods accepted in the field of universal cosmetic body contouring surgery, with a unique level of detail and professionalism, until the last stage of the surgery, Izmir aesthetic doctor Assoc. It is carried out by Hakan Kerem. You can benefit from brief information about our applications listed below to guide you, as well as request a special examination by making an appointment at any time by calling 0- (232) -421-2644 / 0- (530) -791-2644.