Our clinic's primary field of expertise is breast reduction, lifting, augmentation, and implant procedures.  We are pleased to present you with the most cutting-edge procedures in the best possible setting with the quickest possible recovery time. All procedures on this list are carried out using the most widely recognized methods in the field of universal cosmetic breast surgery, and with a high degree of attention to detail and professionalism.


Breast Reduction


Breast Lift with Silicone (Mastopexy & Augmentation)

Breast Augmentation

        Fast recovery Breast Augmentation

     Flashy Breast Augmentation

      Natural Breast Augmentation

    Teardrop-shaped Breast Implants

Breast Implant Revision

Breast Implant Removal

Inverted Nipple Correction

Scarless Breast Reduction



Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, clinically known as "Reduction Mammoplasty," is a plastic surgery procedure that reduces the size and weight of the breasts in order to better balance them with the rest of the body.

"Scarless Breast Reduction" procedure, also known as “Liposuction Breast Reduction", is gaining popularity among women who want an alternative to conventional breast reduction operations, as it minimizes the apparent scar amount and healing process after the procedure. Breast reduction surgery, with or without scars, has the highest satisfaction rate among all cosmetic breast procedures.  Hence, you will not go wrong with any of your choices as long as you understand the expected goals and boundaries well.

Suitable Candidates for Breast Reduction Operation

Women who want their breasts to be smaller and lighter in order to relieve the weight on their neck and shoulders,

Those who have had chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain for more than a year despite their efforts to lose weight and strengthen their shoulder muscles,

Those who need physical therapy to alleviate neck and shoulder pain caused by their breast size,

Those who want to wear clothes that will not hide their decollete,

Those who feel uncomfortable about the size of their breasts,

Women who can make peace with the idea of having a distinct scar to make their breasts more youthful, shaped, or small.

Breast Reduction Procedures

Scarless Breast Reduction: "Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery," also known as "Liposuction Breast Reduction", is a less invasive procedure than conventional breast reduction surgery, as it allows for a faster return to work because it leaves no scars and heals quickly.  Not everybody, however, is a perfect candidate for this application.

Create an appointment for a tailored examination before deciding on the best procedure for you.

Short-Scar Breast Reduction: This procedure, also known as the "Lollipop Lift" or "Vertical Scar Breast Reduction," is for women with medium-sized breasts that have mild sagging. This procedures leaves scar around the nipple. You might not be a good candidate for this procedure if you have a lot of sagging or if your breasts are too big.

Anchor-Scar Breast Reduction: Anchor-Scar Breast Reduction, also known as "Wise-Pattern Breast Reduction" or "Traditional Breast Reduction," is the best technique for big, and too much sagging breasts. In contrast to the Short-Scar procedure, this creates an additional scar on the lower fold of the breast, but is the only way to achieve a more rounded and better formed breast with a lot of lifting and volume reduction.

Circle Lift: The "Circle Lift" technique, also known as "Circumareolar Lift", "Periareolar Lift" or "Donut Lift", is a great method for breasts with only moderate sagging. The most important benefit of this procedure is that it just leaves a scar across the nipple's outer circumference, which fades away when completely healed.  The main disadvantage of this technique is that it must be used measuredly. If the circle lift procedure is applied to provide a higher lift than 2-3 cm, the scar may expand over time. This method is not ideal for you if your primary objective is to reduce the size and weight of your breasts.


Is there any “Scarless Breast Reduction” Procedure?

There is actually no breast reduction procedure that can be done without a scar. However, there is a procedure called "Scarless Breast Reduction", and this procedure may be a better choice for some women compared to the conventional method. Breast sagging occurs due to excessive loose skin and connective tissue. To lift a saggy breast, excess skin should be removed, and loose connective tissue should be tightened from inside. These procedures cannot be performed without incisions, and it should be remembered that all incisions, no matter how small, heal by leaving a scar. Many women who have undergone breast lift surgery are quite satisfied with the results. Furthermore, they believe that the remaining scars are a reasonable result for more youthful and rounded breasts.

Although "Scarless Breast Reduction" is often launched as a breast lift surgery, it is actually a volume reduction procedure, not than a true lift. "Scarless Breast Reduction" does not cause a lift or tightening on the breast. On the contrary, in many cases, it can enhance sagging.  "Scarless Breast Reduction" is an excellent way to reduce weight and size in very large breasts without the risks and rest process associated with conventional methods but should not be confused with breast lift.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

The "Breast Lift" surgery, also known as "Mastopexy," is the method of reshaping the inner breast tissue and raising the nipple by removing loosened and sagging breast skin in order to achieve a younger, fresher, and more vibrant look.  Sagging in the breast region is a natural result of aging that can be accelerated by a person's genetic skin elasticity, body weight changes, and pregnancy.


Is Breast Lift Surgery the only way to treat breast sagging?

No, there are two other options for achieving "uprightness" without breast lift:

Breast Augmentation: The "Breast Augmentation" procedure, which involves replacing previously implanted implants with a slightly larger breast prosthesis, may provide a little more uprightness. This is a perfect choice for women who want a more youthful and larger breast since a breast lift alone results in a small reduction in breast size.

Breast Implants Combined with Breast Lift Surgery (Mastopexy Augmentation): "Mastopexy Augmentation" could be the best option for women who need a significant breast lift and volume restoration.  While the mastopexy procedure removes sagging, breast augmentation corrects the volume and décolleté. Both procedures achieve such a good result that breast lift alone cannot achieve.

Breast Lift Techniques

Circle Lift: The "Circle Lift" technique, also known as "Circumareolar Lift", "Periareolar Lift" or "Donut Lift", is a great method for breasts with only moderate sagging. The most important benefit of this procedure is that it just leaves a scar across the nipple's outer circumference, which fades away when completely healed. The main disadvantage of this technique is that it has a very limited usage area. If the circle lift procedure is applied to provide a higher lift than 2-2.5 cm, the scar may expand over time.

Lollipop Lift: The "Lollipop Lift" procedure, also known as "Vertical-Scar Lift" or "Short-Scar Lift", is one step ahead of the circle lift procedure. It is used for moderately sized breasts with moderate sagging.  This procedure results in a longitudinal scar that runs from the nipple to the breast's bottom, alongside a scar on the nipple's border.

Anchor Lift: The "Anchor Lift" procedure, also known as "Wise-Pattern Mastopexy", is an ideal method for large breasts with severe sagging. This technique results in the most scarring, but it is the only way to achieve a more rounded and vibrant breast look.


Will the Breast Lift change the size of my breasts?

After a standard lift procedure, your breasts will be significantly smaller.  A certain amount of tissue needs to be removed to lift the breast and give it a younger shape, as a result, your breasts will be smaller due to the nature of the procedure. If you want your breasts to be both lifted and augmented with volume, you should consider the "Mastopexy Augmentation" surgery.

Is there any way to perform scarless breast lift?

Breast sagging occurs due to excessive loose skin and connective tissue. To lift a saggy breast, excess skin should be removed, and loose connective tissue should be tightened from inside. These procedures cannot be performed without incisions, and it should be noted down that the incisions certainly leave scars. However, over time, these scars will be quite invisible. Many women who have undergone breast lift surgery are quite satisfied with the results. They also believe that the scars are a reasonable result for more youthful and rounded breasts.


Breast Lift with Silicone (Mastopexy - Augmentation)

Sometimes, only having a "Breast Lift" or "Breast Augmentation" surgery isn't enough to give your breasts a new shape and volume.  In some cases where the skin loosens and sags, the breast volume collapses, and the nipples sag down, it is more effective to perform both procedures together. This combined procedure is also known as "Mastopexy Augmentation". ("Mastopexy" is the term used for breast lift, and "Augmentation" is the term used for breast augmentation with implants.)


Is it safe to have breast implants and breast lift surgeries together?

It is quite safe for most women to undergo both procedures at the same time, unless the limits are pushed (too much augmentation or too much removal due to excessive sagging). Only an experienced surgeon who is competent in conducting both procedures at the same time using advanced techniques will tell you whether a one-stage mastopexy and augmentation procedure or a two-stage procedure is more appropriate.  Many women, understandably, prefer a single procedure with a single cost and recovery time.  No doubt, however, no application should be more risky than it should be, just to save money and time.


Advantages of one-stage "Mastopexy Augmentation" procedure


This procedure has a single recovery period.

Since it is a one-stage procedure, only one round of anesthesia is needed.

Its cost is lower than two-stage surgery.


Disadvantages of one-stage "Mastopexy Augmentation" procedure

One-stage procedures are more prone to an unpredictable recovery process, which could lead to an improper result. Two-stage procedures, on the other hand, can yield more predictable results, particularly if a larger implant is required or excessive sagging exists.  Implant size is more limited in a one-stage procedure. If you choose an implant that is larger than standard sizes, you might not be able to achieve your volume goal safely.


A one-stage "Mastopexy Augmentation" surgery is a very logical and fully safe option for most women.  However, in terms of cost and time savings, this method is often compared to the two-stage procedure.  The two-stage application, in which the breast is lifted first and augmentation is performed 3-6 months later, minimizes the risks and uncertainties in the recovery process.


How do I know whether I need the "Mastopexy Augmentation" procedure?

Breast lift surgery improves the location of the nipple in the breast region by correcting sagging.  Breast augmentation, on the other hand, corrects the loss of volume and small breast appearance. If your breasts are flat and you have no décolleté no matter how high you lift them, and your nipples are facing down, you have no other choice than undergoing the both procedures for an ideal result. Sometimes, you can avoid breast lift by using a larger sized breast implant. However, this procedure requires a special technique and can only be applied to women who have lost a significant amount of breast volume and want to regain it. Below are the factors where both procedures are deemed necessary for an ideal result:


Multiple pregnancy and multiple breastfeeding

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy or excessive breast growth during breastfeeding period

Significant fluctuations in body weight, especially weight loss

Large and heavy breasts that faded after pregnancy or weight loss

Poor skin elasticity due to aging (genetic factors)


What is the difference between "Mastopexy Augmentation" surgery and a standard breast augmentation surgery?

"Mastopexy Augmentation" surgery is a more time-consuming operation with a longer recovery period.  While an average standard breast augmentation surgery can usually be completed in one to one and a half hours, the “Mastopexy Augmentation” procedure takes around 4-5 hours. A longer surgery requires a longer period of anesthesia. Though breast augmentation requires only a single 4-5 cm incision under the breast line, the "Mastopexy Augmentation" surgery results in scars that resemble the classic anchor pattern and take longer to heal.


"Mastopexy Augmentation" is a more complex procedure with higher risks and higher costs. In comparison to breast augmentation, there are more stages in the Mastopexy Augmentation process, which means more risk, uncertainty, and cost. "Mastopexy Augmentation" causes more visible scarring. As previously said, the scar left by this operation is more noticeable than the scar left by breast augmentation. However, if the nipples are facing down, there is actually no other way to achieve an aesthetic result.


For some women with less loss of volume and sagging, it may be possible to achieve a good result by using a large implant, providing less risks and a shorter recovery time. However, in cases where both volume loss and sagging are excessive, using only prosthesis is usually ineffective.  The only way to find out which is best for the patient is to have a thorough conversation with your surgeon.


Breast Augmentation

Comparison of Physiological Saline and Silicone Breast Implants for Breast Augmentation

The most recent researches on breast implants report that high-density silicone gel implants (also known as adhesive gel implants) are the gold standard in modern breast implant technology. Simply stated, physiological saline-filled breast implants are intended for a very small number of women who may have silicone implants. Silicone implants provide a slew of benefits that are causing fewer women to opt for physiological saline.

Silicone implants look more natural. Silicone breast implants are produced in various shapes and sizes. They are made with very soft, natural-feeling silicone sheaths that cause less wrinkles and fluctuations than saline implants. Most of the physiological saline breast implants used today are high-profile prostheses with a very round and unnatural appearance and their outer sheath is made of hard plastic that wrinkles more easily under the skin and therefore feels less natural.

Silicone implants make a more natural sense. The most noticeable distinction between physiological saline and silicone is the sense they make. Although none of them feel entirely natural, silicone breasts are certainly a more natural choice.  Silicone is much more elastic and moves more naturally. Talking to other women who have  had breast implants is the best way  to understand the difference. Do not hesitate to ask your friends for their advice or ask your physician if his patients suggest contacting other potential patients. Another excellent strategy is to inform your doctor that you'd like to see some sample implants in his office.  You can oder "Breast Implant Promotion Package" from implant manufacturers. These sample packages include silicone samples in some sizes and some very useful brochures. You can even try them on inside your bra at home to get a sense of how the implants will look.

Silicone implants are safer and last longer. After decades of scientific research examining the reliability of silicone breast implants with an extremely detailed and rigorous analysis, their use for breast augmentation has been fully approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration). No evidence that has been heavily criticized by the media for being dangerous has not been determined by meticulous scientific research. It is also noteworthy that silicone breast implants are the most common implants used for post-cancer breast reconstruction surgery, which unquestionably demonstrates their safety profile. The new generation silicone implants are now produced with a soft and balanced outer silicone sheath filled with a special consistency silicone gel that is not only punctured and leak free, but also lasts longer than physiological saline implants with plastic sheaths (because no liquid silicone is used in the implants anymore).


How Do I Choose the Right Implant Size for Breast Augmentation?

Since breast augmentation  is one of our most common procedures, we have tremendous experience in helping our patients choose the appropriate size.. Choosing the right size isn't just about volume. It's all about the shape of that volume, the proportions of your ribcage to the rest of your body, and any other looks you find appealing. Hakan Kerem, MD, Assoc. Prof. mentions the following about how he helps his patients in choosing the perfect breast implant size and shape:

“Spare enough time to consult your plastic surgeon. I think this is the most important part in the selection of breast implants. The easiest way to choose the ideal size and form is to share same thoughts with your plastic surgeon.  Without knowing each other well, it's unlikely that you'll share the same thoughts. During a brief and hurried appointment with the doctor's assistants filling out paperwork, it's almost difficult for the doctor to get a sense of your personality. For all of my potential breast augmentation patients, I spend 30 minutes on the first interview and another 30 minutes on the pre-operative consultation process.   I believe spending this amount of time gives us both comfort in choosing the final size and shape.”

Check out breast implant samples. I always show my patients sample breast implants and give them plenty of time after the initial consultation to try on the sizes I suggest in their bras.  While this is not a delicate process, it can help us get on the right track and narrow down the diversity options for implants.”

Check out his before and after photos. I spend a significant amount of time with the patient looking at their before & after photos, and encourage them to spend time on their views in our photo gallery before and after the consultation. It's very helpful for me to know which pictures you like and which you don't. We discuss different shapes, sizes, gaps, roundness, fullness, and other factors until you have identified your favorite two or three favorite pictures. This helps me find the right size because I know what size and shape breast implants I use in all of the before and after pictures.”

Look at magazine pictures. I always ask my patients to bring their favorite magazine pictures with them. This is more about "appearance" than it is about "size". I would like to know how my patients want to "look" after the operation; sexy, natural, significant decollete, close together, big, small, round, flat, etc. All these factors are a part of the appearance you want. Breast implants of similar size can look very different on different body types. For this reason, I think that it is very important for my patients to look at the pictures they find attractive and to choose the implant that will give the appearance they are after. It would be more beneficial if you could bring fully naked pictures, without any clothes such as a bra or bikini. To summarize, feel free to flip through magazines to find anything you want. 

Consult your plastic surgeon multiple times. Let's face it, people's preferences shift from time to time.  That's why I always meet my patients who will undergo breast augmentation procedure at least twice before the operation. We don't make any drastic changes in the way we agreed during the initial consultation with the majority of these patients.  However, after they spent some time alone, patients may want the appearance of their breasts to be slightly larger or smaller than we planned. Even though this occurs infrequently, I believe that having multiple consultations allows us to share exactly the same opinion before entering the operating room and to be 100% sure  for both of us in selecting the ideal size.”


Subglandular or Submuscular Breast Implants

There are many advantages to choosing your implants to be placed over the muscle ("Subglandular" Breast Augmentation). However, if you are very thin, these benefits must be evaluated against the disadvantages such as implant perceptibility (the edges of the implant can be felt subcutaneously), implant visibility (the edges of the implant can be seen subcutaneously), and a higher rate of capsular contracture.


Advantages of Subglandular Breast Augmentation Procedure

Subglanduler implants can provide more lifting than submuscular implants.

They do not change the movement and position of muscle contractions.

They preserve normal muscular power.

 {C}{C}Patients can return to high-level physical exercises more quickly.

Disadvantages of Subglandular Breast Augmentation Procedure

Subglandular breast augmentation carries a higher risk of capsular contracture.

This procedure imposes a higher risk of causing noticeable waves or wrinkles in the upper parts of the breast.

It creates a more pronounced and fuller look that is not found naturally by some women.

Submuscular placement of implants is the best choice in appropriate cases. In this method, the upper part of the implant is covered with the pectoral muscle, which reduces the implant tactuality or visibility and the risk of capsular contracture. The most common advantages and disadvantages of the submuscular breast augmentation method are:


Advantages of Submuscular Breast Augmentation Procedure

It imposes less risk of capsule contracture.

It creates a more attractive shape and a more natural curve in the upper half of the breast.

It creates less waviness and wrinkles in the lower part of the breast.

Disadvantages of Submuscular Breast Augmentation Procedure

Submuscular breast implants can cause some loss of strength in the pectoral muscle.

The pectoral muscle can appear as a band on the implant as a result of its contraction during vigorous physical activity.

Following surgery, you may experience a little more discomfort, which may necessitate a longer rehabilitation time before returning to physical activity involving the pectoral muscle. However, these concerns can be alleviated with “Fast Recovery Breast Augmentation” procedure.

You should only make a decision after a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon, as with any significant medical decision.  Be honest and open, explain exactly what you want and what your concerns are. Have a complete, two-way discussion to determine the combination of advantages and disadvantages that will make you more comfortable with the method to be used.

What Is The Best Incision For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

We now recommend the inframammarian incision (sub-breast incision, incision in the sub-breast fold) to a wide variety of our patients, based on the most recent research findings presented at the 2013 meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), as it carries the lowest risk of capsular contracture. Although the periareolar incision (incision around the nipple) is still a good cosmetic choice, the additional risk of capsular contracture should be considered. Although a transaxillary incision (under the armpit) is also a reasonable option, it is only suitable for physiological saline breast implants (reasonably sized silicone implants cannot be easily inserted through a transaxillary incision).  I do not use the transumbilical (through the belly button) incision because it seldom yields acceptable results and often necessitates revision surgery to address the numerous issues that arise from this procedure.


What is the "No-Touch Technique" for Breast Augmentation?

In the "No-Touch" technique, a special auxiliary tool made of polymer called the "Keller Funnel" is used to place the breast implants without touching the implant or exposing it to potential contaminants on the skin surface, operation area, or air. This tool allows the implant to be directly transferred from its sterile container into the incision pocket with minimal exposure to environmental factors. It also enables an almost frictionless insertion, reducing tension on the implant and incision.  The "No-Touch" technique, which involves the use of Keller Funnel in breast augmentation, is rapidly becoming the gold standard for safety and sterility, and we offer it to our outstanding breast augmentation patients. By clicking the youtube link you can learn everything you need to know about the breast augmentation techniques I use.

Smooth or Textured Breast Implants: Which is Better in Breast Augmentation?

It is not easy to decide whether a smooth or textured surface implant will be used, but it's an important option to think about.  Smooth surface implants are the most common breast implants used in the USA. Textured implants, on the other hand, are the most common implants used in Europe and South America. This significant philosophical divergence is not completely clear; it is most probably a subjective decision with no scientific basis. In fact, we are of the opinion that the most important factor in this decision whether to use textured or smooth implant, is that some women find a firmer and fuller feeling more natural, while others consider the looser "squishy" feeling of smooth-surfaced implants more natural in breast augmentation. You should be assured that this is not a right or wrong decision, but rather a fully subjective decision. Both smooth and textured implants have the potential to provide extremely pleasing outcomes for women.

Are these the only opinions?

Another point of view in the textured versus smooth debate is that if a misplaced implant has to be adjusted, the likelihood of a revision operation to adjust the location of the textured implant is significantly greater than that of the smooth implant. While textured implants physically adhere to your natural tissue after the first 3-6 weeks, smooth implants do not adhere and breast implants are more freely mobile in their sacs. If a textured implant adheres to a slightly different location than on the other side, it probably won't fall off or settle over time unlike smooth implants. If this occurs, you can need minor revision surgery to correct the implant's location.  This is a rare occurrence, but it happens more often with textured implants than with smooth implants.

Textured surface implants are theoretically more resistant to gravity because they are supported by connections to your natural tissues. This means that textured implants can withstand gravity-related changes like sagging in the long term. However, this theoretical benefit has not yet been scientifically proven. If you have a curved breast, another gravity-related change may occur in the pocket within the implant, allowing the smooth-surfaced implants to gradually shift toward the edge. In this scenario, the textured surface of the implant can withstand lateral shift better than the smooth implant, keeping your implants close together.  If you have such a doubt, definitely tell your surgeon so he can tell you whether a textured implant would support you. Don’t forget to demand seeing and touching some implants, during your consultation. So you can come to a conclusion about which one you prefer.

The following is a quick rundown of the main considerations when choosing between smooth and textured breast implants for breast augmentation:

             Smooth Surfaced Implants

Smooth implants are the most commonly used implants in the USA.

It makes a softer sense that some women find more natural.

Smooth implants move more easily inside the implant pocket, making them seem more natural for some women.

There is a slightly lower risk of implant asymmetry due to rotation or displacement since they move more freely.

They heal and stretch more quickly due to their sensitivity to gravity.

Smooth implants can become slightly disjointed over time if your rib cage is slanted, allowing them to shift sideways.

Since they lack the resistance to endure the long-term sagging effects of gravity, they age more quickly than textured implants.  However, this is not scientifically proven.

              Textured Surface Implants

These are the most commonly used implants in Europe.

Textured implants have a tighter, firmer, and fuller feel that some women find more natural and youthful.

The implants moves less inside its pocket. Because, its micro-textured surface encourages the breast tissue to expand inward and keep the implant in place.

If the implants slip and then cling to a different position, textured implants are more prone to the possibility of malpositioning. This is rare, but if it occurs, an additional minor surgical procedure may be required to readjust the implant position.

Since textured implants are more resistant to gravity, they take longer to settle and stretch than smooth implants.

Even if you have a curved rib cage that allows implants to shift slowly sideways, textured implants are more resistant to separation during the recovery process.

As compared to smooth implants, textured implants are more resistant to gravity-induced aging and sagging, but this advantage is only theoretical and not scientifically proven.

Do I Have to Get a Report After Breast Augmentation Procedure?

The majority of "Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation" patients are able to work at home the same day and return to their regular routine in 3-4 days.  However, since this may not be the case with every patient, we suggest taking a one-week report and resting to make the recovery process less stressful and well-relaxed.

How Long Does It Take For Breast Implants to Settle?

New breast implants are known to appear pointed and high commonly in the rib cage at first, but this is nothing to be concerned about.  There may be a variety of reasons why the implants appear pointed and high right after surgery.  The most common of these is that your surgeon puts the prosthesis a little higher in order to compensate the fact that your skin can stretch for the first 2-3 months after surgery.  The implants will take their final positions and descend as the skin stretches.

Month 1: The implants are very pointed and high in the rib cage, and they are quite swollen. Because of the high standing position of the implants, the nipples slightly points down than usual, giving a deceptive appearance as if the breasts sagged slightly.  This is a quite natural appearance that can last for up to a month after surgery.

Month 2: You can see the implants descended a few centimeters. Nipples are in the center of the implant. The sagging illusion disappeared, as did most of the swelling.

Month 3: The implants have descended to their ideal position and the swelling has completely disappeared. The nipples are in the center of the implant and now point slightly upwards. This new location represents the final few centimeters of implant descent as well as the optimal position of breast implants covering the chest region.

When Can I Take a Shower After Breast Augmentation Procedure?

We allow you to take a shower one or two days after the surgery. In the first check-up on the morning of the day after the operation, if everything heals according to the schedule, you will be able to go directly to your home and take a shower.

Are Drains Needed After Breast Augmentation?

Drains are not routine parts of breast augmentation procedures rarely required after the first breast augmentation  procedure.

When Can I Wear a Regular Bra After Breast Augmentation Procedure?

For the first few weeks after surgery, you'll probably need to wear bras without underwire that are tailored to suit your size.  Afterwards, this period may be shortened depending on the stretching of your skin.

When Can I Do Sports After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

You can start light, low-impact cardio workouts in the gym after two weeks, and gradually increase your training level over the next two weeks. If your breast implants are submuscular, you'll have to wait six weeks before beginning exercises involving your pectoral muscle (push-ups, weightlifting, working with plates, etc.).  But you will likely start doing everything else again anywhere in 2 to 4 weeks. If your implants are subglandular, you will be able to resume any exercise within 3-4 weeks, including chest exercises.

When Is It Safe To Have Sex After Breast Augmentation?

Immediately after breast implant surgery, millions of capillaries trying to do their best to heal this area will be actively working. These new vascular connections are extremely sensitive, and even the slightest rise in heart rate or blood pressure can cause them to crack and leak.

In an article in Women’s Health Journal, the following was argued: “The breasts are covered with a network of capillaries that become full of blood with the increased heart rate and blood pressure during sex, literally causing your breasts to turn red.”

More cracked capillaries means more bruising and swelling and a longer recovery. If too many capillaries crack, you may need an operation again due to hematoma.  More importantly, there would be a substantial rise in the probability of capsular contracture.  These capillaries take about two weeks to heal, so stay within the +18 limit until then!


Can Breast Implants Stimulate My Sexual Life?

A recent survey revealed that women who have undergone plastic breast surgery have a better sex life and thus are happier!

While 6% of the women surveyed reported that they had more frequent sexual intercourse with their partners,

and 70% reported that they had a more satisfying sex life.

Hakan Kerem, MD, Assoc. Prof. reports: “I have witnessed that many women who came to my office after getting breast augmentation expressed themselves in a different way than before.  They stand taller, smile more, dress better, and are much more self-assured in their appearance.  There's no doubt that feeling more attractive will lead to better relationships both in and out of the bedroom.  Sometimes couples are very anxious about returning to the bedroom after surgery, but it is very important to wait a little before getting back into the action. Any type of vigorous activity, including sex, in a very short time after the operation is likely to result in serious complications such as hematoma and seroma, as well as an increased risk of capsular contracture. So, for at least first two weeks, be careful about sex and other strenuous physical activities. ’’

Flashy Breast Augmentation  

If you want a bigger, more prominent breast implant that looks fuller in your bikini, bra, or nightgown, "Flashy Breast Augmentation" surgery will be the right option for you.  This technique is a unique and sophisticated method for preventing problems caused by large breast implants separating within the rib cage, as well as the extremely repulsive and false appearance caused by implants that have taken on a rectangular form as a result of an inadequate space spared in the implant pocket.  Sparing adequate space for large implants requires special skills and training, which is where the "Flashy Breast Augmentation" technique comes into play.


What is “Flashy Breast Augmentation”?

It is a technique for placing large size implants without creating a fake appearance. Women generally do not prefer large breast implants to avoid attention on them. Placement of large implants is a procedure that requires detailed information about sensitive surgical methods and body anatomy in order to avoid unnatural results. In this technique, in addition to large-sized breast implants, high-profile breast implants also are used that offer more pronounced and curved lines, a vibrant and more sexy appearance. High-profile breast implants must be consistent in size with your body in order to appear proportional and normal.  Therefore, implants should be placed by a plastic surgeon who is specialized and experienced in this technique.


Differences between "Flashy Breast Augmentation" and "Classical Breast Augmentation”

 "Flashy Breast Augmentation" differs from classical breast augmentation in many ways:


Larger Implants: Not only men, but also many women think that larger breasts are sexier. However, many women, on the other hand, avoid having large breast implants because they are afraid of looking like a stripper. This technique allows you to achieve a natural but more sexy look while maintaining the bend of the upper breast.


More Pronounced Curves: Large implants always create more pronounced curves, but the key point is to maintain this natural appearance. Unlike classical breast augmentation, in this technique the implant is placed in a different position, avoiding the false and very prominent appearance that would appear when this special technique is not used.


More Sexy Implant Shape: The Playmate technique not only provides a larger size option but also allows for more sexy shape options. Since high-profile implants usually produce ultra-round shaped breasts, most women do not find this look aesthetic. If used correctly, the round shaped breasts produced by high profile implants can be visually appealing to many women, which is precisely what the "Flashy Breast Augmentation" technique provides.


Am I a good candidate for "Flashy Breast Augmentation" procedure?


Women who will have breast augmentation surgery for the first time can use this technique, but there are some exceptions. Every woman has a safe and appropriate size limit, and if that limit is exceeded, some unusual complications can occur.  An experienced plastic surgeon will tell you what this limit should be based on your measurements, as well as if the "Flashy Breast Augmentation" technique is right for you.  Sometimes it may be necessary to place the first set of implants first and use larger implants later, after the skin is stretched. However, this only applies to very large implants or if the breasts are too small. The only way to find out is to schedule an appointment and have an examination.  Thus you can discuss your wishes with your surgeon and undergo a medical examination for the procedure.


Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation

Since every woman is unique, the targets for breast augmentation would also vary. Breast augmentation surgery does not have a one-size-fits-all procedure process.  “Natural Breast Augmentation”,  is a procedure that uses anatomically shaped breast implants (“Teardrop Shaped Implants”) to produce the most natural outcome possible. . These teardrop-shaped implants allow fullness to be gathered in the lower part of the breast and a natural chest décolleté to be created by tilting them slightly upwards, resulting in a breast image that is not enlarged with silicone.

What are the advantages of anatomical (teardrop shaped) breast implants?


High density adhesive gel: Anatomical (drop-shaped) breast implants are classified as "stable form" because the degree of adherence of silicone gel in these implants holds their shape better against pressure and gravity.  In other words, the majority of the implant's volume is located on the underside, unlike round silicone implants that are not so dense, and can retain their shape for longer.


Most natural shape possible: The teardrop-shaped contour line creates the most natural fold and décolleté. Since the lower part of the breast is more full, the effect is never an exaggerated enlargement or an overly pronounced chest décolleté when these implants are used.


Safe Implant: Since anatomical (teardrop-shaped) breast implants have the strongest silicone gel adhesion, there is no risk of implant rupture or silicone leakage.  Tearing or leakage is impossible with these implants since they are made of a soft consistency rigid gel rather than a liquid.


What are the disadvantages of anatomical (teardrop shaped) breast implants?

Rotation risk: Because of their circular form, round silicone implants will travel freely inside the implant pocket.  However, this is not the case for anatomically shaped breast implants, because they have a distinctive shape on the upper and lower sides. Because of this particular shape, implant rotations are noticeable and may require a further correction to reposition the implant.

A tighter sense: Anatomical implants have a textured surface that is more consistent with your tissues, which helps to reduce the risk of rotation.  The implants are much more secure than smooth round silicone implants because of the textured tissue and the high density of adhesion in the gel.  Although this does not make a significant difference for some women, it may be too tight for others.

Larger incision: Since anatomic (drop) implants are firmer and harder than smooth round implants, they require wider incisions for placement.  This can cause scars to remain longer and be more noticeable.


More natural: Some women say that they find these implants too natural or too saggy because the fullness is too much in the lower part of the breast and the décolleté is not noticeable in the upper part. This is a concept that completely changes from the point of view and should not be counted as a real disadvantage.


Additional cost: Because of the high production costs, the duration of the procedure, and the surgeon's exclusivity, anatomical (teardrop-shaped) breast implants are more costly than round silicone implants.


Am I a good candidate for "Natural Breast Augmentation" procedure?

Women who will have breast augmentation surgery for the first time are good candidates for this method. However, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure and how these implants look different from round silicone implants. There are many different shapes of round implants available, so if you are concerned about the disadvantages of teardrop-shaped implants, make sure that you considered all other options sufficiently with your plastic surgeon.


Teardrop-shaped Breast Implants

New generation silicone breast implants are the best choices for natural, long-lasting and safe breast augmentation operations.


Today, silicone breast implants are manufactured with a solid consistency, non-liquid and highly adhesive silicone gel core where leakage is no longer possible. These implants, which are both soft and impermeable due to their soft and solid consistency and resemble jelly beans with these features, are called "Adhesive Gel Implants". It is now much easier to choose between physiological saline and silicone implants thanks to this new silicone technology.  The new generation implants are not only solid gel implants, but are also sticky. This means that it cannot move away from the silicone core by sticking to itself.


This gel has a solid consistency but is not hard. On the contrary, it is quite soft and flexible and thus creates a very natural feeling and appearance after surgery. High adhesiveness silicone gel implants reflect the highest standard in breast implant surgery and produce superior results for most breast augmentation patients. While adhesive gel implants provide a more natural look and feel, they create less fluctuation and wrinkle formation compared to saline physiological implants.


Breast Implant Revision

What are the reasons for breast implant revision?

Very small implants: Everyone is aware that very large implants look a little fake. However, most women do not realize that very small implants also look very fake and unnatural. A correctly sized breast implant not only fits the size of the breast, but also the chest and rib cage. Very small implants may appear too straight and far apart, giving the impression that they are very huge.  Replacing implants with bigger, more natural-looking ones is a simple procedure with a quick recovery period (most patients can return to their daily routine within 24-48).  After that, the results can be incredible.

Very large implants: Although it is extremely uncommon, some women may believe that their implants are too large and wish to have them reduced.  If you don't have a lot of sagging, replacing your implant with a smaller one is a simple procedure that necessitates little recovery time (most patients can return to their daily routine within 24-48).  If there is sagging, breast lift may be necessary for a more attractive, feminine shape. If you want your implants fully removed, keep in mind that achieving a natural-looking breast shape without them is a quite challenging process. In addition, the results obtained using a smaller implant are much better than a non-implanted breast.

Implants positioned too apart from each other: It is very common for implants to be apart apart from each other and there are generally two reasons for this:

1) Implants are very small.

2) Implants have been placed too apart from each other at the very beginning. An inexperienced surgeon usually does not have sufficient knowledge to measure the size of the chest wall and breast. This causes him either to choose wrong size implant or to place the implants too apart from each other. This is one of the easiest problems to fix and creates incredible results in the appearance. The operation usually takes less than 1 hour and the patient can return to her daily life within 24-48 hours.

Implants being different from each other: A small amount of asymmetry between your two breasts is normal and expected (even after breast augmentation surgery). However, large differences in position, size, and shape are not a problem you can overcome yourself. The most common reason for revision surgery in breast asymmetry is that one implant is larger than the other, which is a relatively simple procedure unless there is a height difference due to capsular contracture. If you have contractures, revision surgery becomes more complicated, but it can still be done.

Capsule Contracture: Capsule contracture always require a revision surgery. Capsule contracture is usually seen in women who have implants with saline physiologic, whose implant is subglandular, whose implant is towards the nipple or is torn. Breast implant revision surgeries are very complex and may require great efforts due to uncertainty in the final result and healing process. If your implants started to harden and tighten and their shape changed, please make an appointment with your plastic surgeon as soon as possible. If there is capsular contracture, early intervention improves the chances of a successful operation.

How long after implant revision surgery can I return to my daily routine?

Most patients will return to work in 3-4 days as long as they don't lift heavy objects or engage in strenuous activities.  If you are going to have capsule contracture revision surgery, this time varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. You should discuss this with your doctor.

Is breast revision surgery as painful as the original breast augmentation surgery?

Breast revision surgery is not as painful as the original breast augmentation surgery. Most patients are able to return to their normal lives within 24-48 by just taking some painkillers. However, this is different for patients with capsular contracture, it can be a little more painful.

Is there going to be an additional scar left after breast revision surgery?

No. In most cases, your surgeon can perform the surgery through old incisions without making a new incision. However, breast lift is an exception to this. If breast lift is to be applied, it means that there will probably be new scars. However, your surgeon can show you what the scars will look like with a few photos before surgery.

Removal of Breast Implants

Removing breast implants is a difficult decision that should not be underestimated, because preserving the vibrant and attractive breast shape without the supportive filling of the implant can be extremely difficult, especially in case of old implants. However, many women who have realistic expectations, are aware of the risks and benefits of this procedure, know that there are other alternatives compared to implants, and decide to have their implants removed, are also extremely happy.

What are the most common reasons for removing breast implants?

Many women chose to have their implants removed for a variety of reasons. Here are a few common reasons:

If implants are very old: Breast implants can wear out over time, and they may need to be replaced every 10-15 years to prevent the risks that may arise from this situation. In this case, some women may prefer to have their implants removed instead of having them replaced. Most of the women who make this decision are generally older women who do not care in the appearance of their breasts. If your breast shape is still very important to you, you should never consider removing your implants completely instead of replacing them with a new one.

If implants are very big: Compared to women in their 40s, women in their 20s prefer larger and higher profile implants. Therefore, women find it normal to get removed their implants that they had years ago. In addition, lifestyle changes they make by taking part in activities such as yoga, surfing or jogging may push some women to consider removing their implants or changing their breasts to reduce the size of their breasts.

If implants sagged too much: Unfortunately, all breasts and breast implants are prone to sagging with aging, and some women may consider having their implants removed rather than breast lift. Many women benefit tremendously from breast lift after having their implants removed because their breasts sag more and more over time without a supportive filling. In such a case, if you have your implants removed without breast lift surgery in order to regain your young and attractive appearance, it is very important that you have realistic expectations for the final result.

If implants flattened: Saline implants, especially those older than 6-7 years, gradually flatten over time or, in case of rupture, very quickly. Some women in this case have their implants removed immediately. However, as explained above, you should make sure that you do not do this only to save time and money. Because sometimes there may not be a huge material differences between having implants removed and replaced.

If there is a problem with the implant: If the implants have reached their specified lifespan (10-15 years for silicone implants, 6-8 years for saline implants) and they are still not replaced or removed, they may cause some problems. The most common problem with old implants is the problem of capsular contracture; it is noticed in one or both implants, and stiffness occurs with shape change.  Some women with this problem may prefer to have the implant removed instead of correcting the contracture.


Should I have my implants completely removed or reduced?

There will be no problem since the reduced implants and combined breast lift surgery would provide a better aesthetic result. Removing the implants fully causes further sagging, making it difficult for your surgeon to reshape your breasts, give it a natural décolleté, and make it look more vibrant.  This is not a situation that many women are aware of before making a decision, so if you do not want to encounter unexpected results and get disappointed, please review your expectations with your surgeon before the procedure. Having your implants removed completely so as not to replace them with a new one and not having any additional supportive aesthetic operations such as breast lift will always make your breasts look older, flat, and saggy. Before making this decision, you must understand and accept this reality.

Is there any procedures other than the classical breast lift after the implants have been removed?

Hakan Kerem, MD, Assoc. Prof. often prefers breast lift with only a single scar in eligible patients. This procedure offers a younger and more vibrant appearance with a single scar from just under the breast, rather than leaving scars with a classical anchor pattern as in the classical breast lift operation. Unfortunately, not everyone is a good candidate for this procedure, please make an appointment to make an evaluation on this.


How long is the recovery period after breast implants are removed?

Breast implant removal is a straightforward procedure with minimal pain and recovery time, where no stitch is removed. Most women can return to almost all normal activities within a few days.

Inverted Nipple Repair

Inverted nipple repair is a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia in the clinic and can make a great contribution to the general appearance of the breasts. Many women are not even aware that an inverted nipples can be corrected. We've had excellent postoperative outcomes in many of the procedures we've done so far with many patients who have had this problem.

What are the causes of Inverted Nipple?

Shortened or injured milk ducts are among the main causes. Milk ducts run from the breast tissues to the nipple. These ducts draw the breast inward if they are too short, resulting in an "inverted" appearance. There are different degrees of inversion in the nipples. Some of them are very serious and cannot be uninverted right away. Some are moderate and can be uninverted easily. The complexity of the repair process is determined by the degree of inversion.

Is it possible to repair an inverted nipple?

Inverted nipple can usually be corrected with a delicate procedure performed in the clinic under local anesthesia. The procedure requires loosening the short milk ducts or cutting a part of the milk duct that is too short or injured in order to remove the nipple. In many cases, it is sufficient to loosen the channels and there is no need for cutting, in other words, cutting is only necessary in very severe cases. The procedure takes about 20 minutes for one breast and 40 minutes for both breasts. The next day, you can return to your normal routine and enjoy a quite painless recovery.

Will inverted nipple repair leave a scar?

A very small scar remains hidden inside the colored nipple and on the nipple border. In most cases, this scar will heal within a few months, making it almost invisible.

Can the nipples be inverted again after surgery?

Nipples can sometimes retract after surgery. This can occur after a few weeks, months, or years, and is often associated with pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Pregnancy can sometimes weaken the repair process and cause inversion again. Inverted nipple surgery has a very high success rate.

Can I breastfeed after surgery?

This depends on the surgery to be performed. If the inverted milk ducts can be corrected again, you have a chance to breastfeed. However, if your surgeon has to cut some or all of your milk ducts, you probably won't be able to breastfeed after surgery. This is something you can discuss with your doctor ahead of time, and in situations where the channels must be cut, the decision to have the operation is ultimately yours.



Scarless Breast Reduction

"Scar Free Breast Reduction," also known as "Liposuction Breast Reduction," has become more common among women as it significantly reduces scarring and recovery time considerably, when opposed to conventional breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery, with or without scars, is one of the procedures with the highest success rate among many cosmetic procedures. As long as you know the limits and the goals, you won't be wrong with either choice.

Is it true that scarless breast reduction surgery really leaves no scars?

Liposuction breast reduction is not completely scarless. Under the breast, 2-3 small holes (less than 1/2 cm) are drilled.  The scars are so small that they are almost indistinct, but when compared to normal breast reduction, which leaves very distinct scars, the procedure is called "scarless".

What is the difference between scarless breast reduction and normal breast reduction?

Less scars: Scarless breast reduction is performed only by applying liposuction. When both breasts are completely healed, there will be 2 - 3 tiny puncture marks that are scarcely noticeable. This is quite different from the normal "anchor" or "lollipop" scar shape that occurs in a normal breast reduction procedure.

Shorter recovery time: Most traditional breast reduction patients are reported for up to 2 weeks, and the incisions usually take 3-4 weeks to heal.  Patients who have had scarless breast reduction surgery, on the other hand, will return to their everyday lives after 2-3 days and need far fewer painkillers than those who have had classical breast reduction surgery.

Less lifting: The main disadvantage of scarless breast reduction is that it cannot lift the breasts as in standard breast reduction. Since the excess skin is not removed in the liposuction breast reduction procedure, there is no lifting, but there is almost no scarring.

The best candidates for "Scarless Breast Reduction" surgery are:

Women who want smaller, lighter breasts to relieve the strain on their neck and shoulders but can't take more than a few days off,

Women who want smaller, lighter breasts with no visible scars,

Women who have had classical breast reduction surgery but still want smaller breasts,

Women  who do not want to lift their breasts, but only want smaller and lighter breasts.